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Note:  This entry was originally posted on September 26, 2011 on my now-defunct WordPress blog.  I'm putting it here more as a 'history/archive' deal.  Let's try this blogging thing again.

A few months ago, I decided to try my hand at blogging. As with most things I try, a lot of research was done. Blogging etiquette, what to do and what not to do, what to write about, how to attract readers, those kinds of things.

After a couple weeks of research, I spent many hours setting this site up to my satisfaction. I had what I thought were fantastic ideas for posts. Lots of them. I went ahead and tossed up a photo I found, figuring it was a good starting point. Ease into it, so to speak. I figured I could write a few quick things over the next several days, and then backdate the posts. Sounds easy, right?

But like everything else I’ve done in life, I spent more time second-guessing myself than I did doing any kind of writing or posting. How would people view my blog? Would they consider it just recycled material when I post links with comments? Would my entries come off as too short or too long? Would I be criticized for my views?

Would anybody even read the damn thing?

Days turned into weeks, and now it’s almost two months since my first “post”. Yesterday, I read Talker's Block (via Seth Godin's blog) and something clicked for me. It’s not as if I’d never heard ‘Do it your way’ or ‘Just do it’ before. Maybe I was finally in the right frame of mind to make it click. Who knows?

Sure I’d like for my blog to be read by many people. Of course I want to please those people, not scare them off. But you know what? First and foremost, I’m writing for ME. It’s something I want to do for myself. If others come to read and comment, follow and share, great! If not, I’m good with that, too.

So here is the first of what will be many posts to come. Honestly, the bottom line is that I only have to please myself. Everything else is a bonus.

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